The objectives and functions of the Association:

  1. Coordinate the professional interests of the members of the Association to form a united stand.
  2. Represent the professional interests of the members of the Association on all forums.
  3. Represent the professional interests of the Association before government, municipal and public sector entities, employers and their organisations as well as other business management entities.
  4. Explore the characteristics of symphonic orchestras and develop the relevant standards.
  5. Form an opinion and take a stand with regards to draft bills pertaining to official symphonic orchestras and their members, exert pressure on the regulatory procedures and pre-decision mechanisms pertaining to orchestras.
  6. As an employer organisation, contribute to drafting the sectoral collective agreement and conclude that with the sectoral trade union with nationwide representation.
  7. Initiate and coordinate in all issues that emerge in any field pertaining to the reputation and the enforcement of interests of official orchestras.
  8. Develop and enforce the market and ethical norms pertaining to the operation of orchestras.
  9. Facilitate the operation of orchestras by collecting and circulating information.
  10. Establish and maintain information exchange, coordination and pre-decision contacts with government, public sector organisations, interest groups and business management entities as well as the Board of the Trade Union of Hungarian Musicians and Dancers in all areas where justified and required to enforce members’ interests.
  11. Conduct artistic propaganda activities to support the artistic and financial activities of orchestras.
  12. Get involved in the business ventures supporting quality artistic performance by Association members.
  13. Facilitate the artistic development of orchestras and identify supporting financial and artistic resources.
  14. Promote the improvement of the quality of the education programmes of orchestras via conferences and workshops.
  15. Assist in developing the international relationships of orchestras and share international experience and opportunities with members.
  16. Maintain contacts with foreign peer organisations and facilitate direct contacts between orchestras based on mutual agreements.
  17. Act as an independent representative of the Association and Hungarian orchestras before international associations and forums

Supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA) and the National Cultural Fund (NKA)